FA sure has been slow today


Okay, I’m halfway around the world, but for the last 8 hours FA has been real slow. I’ve been getting a lot of failed page loads. The rest of the internet is its normally slow self but working.

John in Saudi, er, Dubai today.

P.S., just to clean up your records SKW 5496 landed in SBP last night but is still “coasting” on your maps.
PPS. man you guys are fast, eight seconds after posting this 5496 disappeared and FA started working again.


Have both the tracking features and discussion forums been similarly slow?


yes, the whole site has been slow. It’s a bit better now but still not it’s normal self.


The two systems run on entirely different infrastructures and are unrelated, so I would speculate that the problem is your Internet connectivity to the US.


Drastic drop in oil prices have caused the Middle Eastern countries to start cutting back…guess they had to start somewhere. :laughing:


Next they will be selling another 747SP to Vegas casinos, or chucking one of the racehorse trailer Boeing jets.


yeah, it only looks like we are in civilization over here.


If you point out a negative you gain credibility by also providing a positive.
Maybe try something like, “I have been using FA the past years because its very accurate and reliable and no other service free or commercial performs as well, seems to be running slow today.” Is it from my third world internet provider or are others experiancing the same thing?