FA being slow?


Has anybody else noticed FA being a lot slower than usual?

Ever since I got the email a few days ago about FA’s new features, I wait almost 1 minute after clicking a flight number or tail number until it finally shows up. :unamused:


Yeah…I noticed too. But I didn’t think to make the connection between the upgrade and the sluggishness.
Thanks for pointing that out.

Gary in Pennsylvania


More users DAILY + more features = possibility of site slowing down. Welcome to Internet 101.


I haven’t had any problems with site slowness.


It was extremely slow this morning circa 8:a.m. CST. Anyone else? (This happens occasionally (re: Internet 101), but this was exceptional. - Jan / N0AAA / CID


We definitely don’t intend for things to get slower and are constantly expanding capacity (new equipment, internet connections, new facilities, etc.) to handle additional demand & functionality.

A page should never take more than a few seconds to load and be rendered/displayed on your computer if you’ve got high speed internet. Anything beyond that and something is broken as far as I’m concerned.

We’re looking into the early morning slowness.


No problems here.