computer affected by scanning

Has anyone been using flightaware and had this message pop up in a dialog box “computer affected by malware…now scanning”, then be directed to a new site…??? I closed my browser before anything else happened. This occurred on 2 different computers at 2 different times. Once while looking at recent flights of aircraft history, and again while looking at flightaware photo uploads. McAfee running on both systems and scans of spybot and adaware found nothing.

I’ve been an avid member of Flightaware since 2006, and never had anything like that.

It may have been from a site you visited prior and only popped up while you were you were on flightaware.

I confirmed that. Happened 3 minutes ago when I tried to look KLM flights bnetween AMS and ORD.

Please see this thread:

I’ve had it a couple times, but not for a few days.