Amazon ad takes over page


Lately, I have been on flight tracking for my local airport and suddenly it will go to a new page for an Amazon $1000 gift card. Maybe a pop up ad gone wild? I was on an iPad Air when it happens. It has only happened when on Flight Aware. Anyone else?
Todd at KBIL


Would you be able to get a screenshot of it?


Here is one. It popped up just a moment ago.


I doubt this is an Amazon site. The domain is registered in Panama, but has privacy turned on so I can’t see the details of the registrant. It is highly unlikely that Amazon would do that.


I agree. It is a pretty obvious scam to me. It has been popping up for a week or so while I am on the flight tracking pages. Has happened on various airport pages.


And another. Slightly different domain.


Is it a redirect from a FlightAware page? If so, is it a specific page?


Yes, it has only happened while I am on FlightAware. It has happened on various airport tracking pages. The one I use the most is KBIL. What happens is when I go to the flight tracking page, while it is loading then it will automatically go to that Amazon page. The only way to get out of it is to hit backspace and then it goes to the previous Flightaware page I was on.

Todd R Wilson


It’s becoming really irritating on my iPhone X. Tapping close will still redirect me so I have to tap the back button first to anticipate the redirect.

Debating on getting Adblock installed at the rate it’s going. It’s not an elegant solution nor will it help ad-dependent websites but this has got to go.