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Sidebar Ads

I was disappointed this morning to see the new sidebar ads on the homepage. Flightaware’s home page is my home page in my web browser. I use it multiple times daily. I understand the need to make money via advertising, but this is a pretty big infringement on the home page, it changes the entire way the site shows up in my browser. Unfortunately I think I’ll be changing my home page… Any thoughts?

One other annoyance: yesterday I used the site from my iPhone, and the site automatically redirected my browser to the iTunes AppStore to download some “free” game that makes money off in-game purchases.


I recommend AdBlock. You can set it up to block ads on the all of FlightAware or just selected pages of FlightAware.

I have NO problems with ads… provided they are text only or VERY SMALL graphics. Unfortunately, it seems many, if not most, ads today insist on having large graphics and videos. All they do is make the page load slowly and add many tracking cookies.

Chase is sponsoring the margins (left/right) on the home page for the month of December. I agree it’s a very prominent placement, and we are only temporarily including this relevant advertising for a month to support the free web site during this very busy travel period. Please note that the sponsorship doesn’t impact any flight tracking pages and is purely on the home page.

Agree this is completely lame and unacceptable. What you’ve described is not anything we’re aware of and is not an approved FlightAware advertiser. Do you have any more specifics (e.g., the apps)?

I don’t recall the name of the game now, but I’m sure DoubleClick.net is responsible – every time I visit the Airport Activity page for my local airport I am prompted to let ad.doubleclick.net use my location information. I’m on that page as I write this, and at the top of the page is a misleading home refinancing ad.

Doubleclick is a Google product that FlightAware uses to manage & deliver advertisements. They’re not actually the source of any of the content.

We haven’t been able to sell the mobile advertising as quickly as the technology has grown, so we outsource some of the sales to third party networks that don’t always deliver the quality that we’d like.

I have had this happen also. It redirects to an app called “Jelly Splash”.

Thank you! We’re looking into it this morning.

FlightAware loads the ads last (well, second to last before the FB and G+ share) after all the flight tracking content has loaded through a technique known as javascript lazy loading.

Dan, any luck on this? I get redirected many times on every visit on iPhone and iPad.


Are the redirect occurrences still frequent?

Yes they are. Pretty much every visit which is multiple times a day. Not sure if it is related, but seems to happen after I click “no” to allow doubleclick access to my location. Not immediately, but in the same session.

Here is the game that popped up this morning.
Deer Hunter 2014 by Glu Games Inc.
itunes.apple.com/us/app/deer-hu … 22866?mt=8

Here’s the reason why: Apple, knowing what’s best for everyone in the world, just knows that you want to see its ad.

trwilson: Could you specify any differences in the redirects that happen on iPhone vs iPad? Do you get redirected to similar type of game/itunes content? Additionally are you using the mobile site or full featured site on iPhone? I think I am free to assume you are using the full featured site on iPad.

Any and all information is appreciated.

Now that I think about it I think it is only on the iPhone using the mobile site. I do use the full site on the iPad and since my first post on this issue, I have never been redirected on the iPad.

I have also only experienced the iTunes AppStore redirects on my iPhone, never on my iPad.

trwilson && TorstenHoff: Thanks, that certainly helps narrow down the scope.

Update: I have blocked “Gaming” ads altogether from several of our partners. If by tomorrow these are still occurring please verify that the apps you are being redirected to remained the same.

Hey FlightAware…first time I have ever NOT enjoyed monitoring aircraft traffic. Yesterday (12/15/13) was the first time I started to experience video clips (with sound) starting to play while I was using your site. I was pretty annoyed. I use this feature at work, and my use will end immediately if this continues, as I have other music playing in background…definitely annoying for both to be playing over top of each other.

Can I disable the sound at least (without having to click “Stop” or “Mute” on the ads each time they auto-load)?