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Photos presented on front page seem to be subtle advertisement lately

The same set of photos has been showing for weeks on the front page when I open FA. And they’re all of Emirates A380s. And the background ad on the front page, for just about as long, is for Emirates. Featuring an a380.

Is this just me?

The ublock origin chrome extension will take care of that :stuck_out_tongue:
Also a raspberry pi with pihole on it

I know this post is a bit late, I had seen those. So, I emailed FlightAware support. Seems not just the Emirates a380 but some cabin pics of passengers “enjoying the Emirates service” were in the posts as well. After looking at who posted them, seems it was someone from FlightAware associated with marketing. :thinking: I blocked them all even though I get the regular FlightAware nag about using a Ad Blocker.