I have a problem tracking the chairman’s flight progress in our company’s executive office while looking at irridescent Trojan ads. It diminishes the professional manner in which I may do my job, and cheapens your information. Can we screen these?

Am I the only one NOT seeing the Trojan ads?

Nope :wink:

As soon as the Shopzilla ads were approved, … =shopzilla I installed an Adblocker in my web browser.

As stated 3 years ago, I am all for ad supported websites, but any blinking irridescent ads just detracts from the professionalism of a website. I think AtlanticCapital describes it well “it cheapens the information”

They’re targeted ads they know you don’t need 'em! :smiley:

Seriously though, we have FA up on a 50 inch LCD in our ops office. We are a paid subscriber, and I have to admit when certain people are in there i.e: our aircraft owners, it is a little inappropriate. That and the free electricity ad is a little annoying and ridiculous.

Annoying as ads are, some of you seem to be forgetting that this is the only free flight tracking site out there which is worth any salt. The key word being ‘free’. Perhaps you’d prefer to lose the ads and pay a tenner a month to access the site instead? :unamused:

Cut the guys some slack eh. Oh and how about actually clicking the ads every once in a while to generate the guys a bit of cash for providing us with this excellent site?

I’m with ya on that one.

But they don’t have to be :wink: even for ad supported sites. Look at Google services, no flashing ads in my Gmail.

Advertisers / business worth their salt won’t need flashing banners to be recognized. Their services and reputation they provide will stand for themselves and the ad would be a convienent way to get to their website as well as generate revenue for Flight Aware.

Beacons were designed for airports :slight_smile:

We pay for FA, and still get the condom ad. I think the OP is in the same boat. An ad for free condoms does not exactly exude professionalism unless your a whore.

The guy has a VERY valid point. Will we cancel our sub because of it? No, but someone might especially in these days of PC.

Stop talking about condoms on the forums and then you won’t get condom ads appearing. :unamused: Ads work from keywords. Only got yourself to blame so quit your whinging.

Problem falls within the website allowing the inappropriate ads to appear.

If the website have no control over what ad (or topic) is displayed, then shame on the website, NOT the user.

Since I can’t control what others say or post, and the ads can’t target my particular posting placing blame on the user of the website for **what others say **is the wrong place to place blame

Actually the fix to the problem would be if a person pays for FA enhanced service, they should not have to view ads for being a premium member. Seems like almost “double dipping” in my eyes.

Thank you for your valued opinion :unamused: , and no I won’t stop whinging, I do it for a living.

Go bother someone else, this is a valid discussion.

Well if it shuts people up that have nothing better to do that moan about a few flashy ads then Mark et al should introduce a paid ad-free service. Tbh though it’s a complete non-issue. :unamused:

I think you seem to be missing some points or I am not quite understanding what you say above.

Two people in this thread pay for additional services not available to me. They are supporting the website through payment. They publically display (the way I understand it) Flight Aware in a public place. They are trying to maintain a professional environment using a professional service. Inappropriate ads not family oriented (not safe for kids) or ads that can offend someone in a public place is a disservice to those that pay for Flight Aware.

Even if you use Flight Aware for free and publically display it, one shouldn’t have to be “ashamed” or have to turn the monitor for a quality site due to a particular ad that absolutely has nothing to do with aviation.

Flashy ads aside (blinking) - which is distracting from the Flight Aware content in my eyes, content should be monitored. I doubt that any birth control methods pertain to aviation (unless you have a mile high club that you want to advertise).

If you like blinking, flashing banners all over your screen, that’s your opinion and I respect that. I don’t think anybody here really objects to the ads, as time over time has been said, this is an ad supported site. If they object, they can complain and then move on as it won’t go away.

Content of the ads on the other hand should be targeted to the audience and Flight Aware as a company I would think can elect what is advertised and what is not on their website.

I don’t know a thing about keyword advertising myself, but I do know Flight Aware as a company can control what is displayed. If the advertisment company can’t control what is displayed, Flight Aware needs to fire them and get a new advertising company.

BTW, there is an older thread on this. Flight Aware *from what I remember *gets paid, not ONLY on a click through but when the ad is displayed on the website.

I am not missing any points. My comments were directed at the OP who was complaining about the content showing while tracking his gaffers flight. There was no mention of him using a paid service and one would assume that he was tracking it for free like the majority of us all do, hence my comments.

I do agree that for certain paid packages you should lose the ads as part of the deal though.

Where do you draw the line on content as it appears to me this is the point you are missing???

His complaint was on content not that there are ads on this website. You keep focusing on this is an ad supported website. Doesn’t content concern you???

You really think Trojan advertisments are appropriate for this website??? What next, escort services ??? I’d thunk not myself.

Seriously, you American’s really do get wound up over a whole pile of nothing. It’s quite simple - if you don’t like the ad content you’re seeing don’t use the site. No-one is twisting your arm. The fact remains that the site is provided free of charge and last time I checked, web-hosting services didn’t grow on trees. The ads help to cover that expense and if that means I get a small section of screen filled with ad content about trojans, escort services or even penis enlargement pills, then so be it.

You need to quit your frothing at your mouth and deal with it, instead of turning it into some huge drama. :unamused:

You obviously don’t run a business :unamused:

I have a gut feeling the Flight Aware company **was not **aware they were endorsing such stuff until they heard from their users.

Showing such advertisements on their website shows endorsement of the products being advertised on their website.

Sh*t flows down. It’s best to cut the snake off by the head. Without us users on a personal basis (or companies) endorsing and SUPPORTING Flight Aware, they don’t have a business.

If the audience doesn’t like the Flight Aware endorsing the advertisement (it is on their website!), they will go elsewhere. That is how people deal with it. And guess what, you no longer have a free Flight Aware. If I had a company, I personally would appreciate people bring such nonsense to my attention

Yep, what you say above makes real good business sense. :imp:

There is a paid tier without ads and we also sell customized (ad-free) HDTV maps. Please contact us if you’d like to purchase either.

Actually Mark, the tier we’re on works great. If I’m in the office, I’ll click through some ads just to get you all some extra cash.

This is hands down the best niche website I’ve ever seen, the amount and quality of information displayed is absolutely irreplaceable in this business. It shows you guys have the passion to be the best. I’ve met you all at NBAA a couple of times, and I know you know what you’re doing.

With that being said, I don’t think the condom ad is representative of your audience, specifically people that pay for the service.

Thanks again for a wonderful service at a bargain price.

Ditto what he said.