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Any chance FlightAware can ditch these Trojan condom advertisements? It’s slightly embarrassing and seemingly unprofessional when you’re trying to show a passenger who chartered a flight the expected route, where we will be going or any other information pertaining to the flight, while having a condom jumping up and down in flash on the middle of the screen.

I know it’s revenue for the company but, FlightAware not only survived the last few years but thrived and grew by what seems like tremendous amounts without having a condom jumping up and down on my screen. A lot of professionals use this service and I know FBO’s and other outfits pay top dollar to have their advertisements placed here. Doesn’t seem fair in my opinion when someone pays top dollar to try and show their company off in a professional manner to have the next advertisement loaded on the web page to be a condom.

I really like FlightAware and have always used it but, I don’t think fltplan.com has any condoms on their flight tracking service.


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Do I detect a sockpuppet ???

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Sock puppet detection fail. Some people are just really active forums readers. :slight_smile: