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Security on this site

The day before yesterday, I left Flightaware open in a browser tab inside a flight sim addon (PFPX) for an extended period of time on my other computer. The next day I looked and there was an advertisement on IE for a video game. This morning, I had my laptop on flightaware, and another ad for another video game. Is there something wrong with the security on this website or something?

I’m not sure is using FlightAware inside PFPX is related, but some of our advertisers use retargeting to show you ads relevant to your interests. For example if I visit tivo.com then visit flightaware.com, I tend to see a lot of TiVo ads since TiVo chooses to show ads to users who recently visited tivo.com. Some game publishers may take the same approach or you may have gotten the game ads randomly.

this is Shawn Niblick from Comfort Suites in South Bend, IN. Yesterday I reported an issue with yur Flightaware site that a new screen promoting a computer game, the Real-time support operator wanted a snap shot of the site, I had already closed it out, but it did just happen again today and the websites url is a248.e.akamai.net/images.perfec … round5.jpg

What do you know…the site is safe :open_mouth:

We don’t use the Akamai CDN, could it be from another site?

Probably from Goolitics - he said he is in a hotel.

It happens on both of my computers. Every time it’s to a computer gaming site.

Do you play online games? If so, there is your answers - clear you cookies and see what you see.