Irritating pop-up non-ad

Can anything be done to prevent the pop-up pseudo ads that appear on several of the FlightAware pages asking for permission for to store information on my computer? As best I have been able to find out, it is not actual malware but is a very irritating ad-click generator. It appears as a FlashPlayer request, but doesn’t actually do anything.

May not be Flightaware. I did a google search on the address and found: there are others as well YMMV

When viewing full site on phone, while looking at FA photos there is something called space.slimspots that keeps popping up directing me to sites telling me my phone has a virus, started briefly about 2-3 weeks ago then quit, now for the last couple days its a been a real booger.

This is very annoying to have to watch video ads, especially on IE. FA doesn’t reload properly when switching between browser tabs.

Which page/ad unit are you seeing this ad on?
What brand/product is the ad for?
Does it automatically play? If it does, does it have audio on?

You can simply disable plug-ins for the webpage or block specifically the ad source page. Any good browser offers such protection. Not sure about IE, I don’t normally use it.