Internet Explorer Crashing

If I load the following page on 10 of my workstations (IE8, Windows XP), 50% of them work and the other machines hang on the page with no way to come off the page without using Task Manager. Java & Flash are both up-to-date. Ive already attempted to put in the trusted sites list and it doesnt help. Switching to Firefox is not an option.

I was having a problem with constant pop-up screens to allow or refuse flashplayer to run my system with every page load. Sometimes it would go away after one response and sometimes I’d have to hit it 10 or more times. I ended up rebooting my system and (knock wood) the problem seems to have gone away.

There’s no Java on that page. The ads can be Flash. The page uses quite a bit of javascript, do you have any “protection” software (norton, etc) running on the machine that may be going into loops?

I’ll see if our resident IE fan has any ideas.

Thank you for the responses. No, I do not have any antispyware or virus protection on this machine inhibiting javascript. Ive never come across another site that affectively halted the machine because of javascripts.