Advertisement Annoyances

I get that ads are a necessary evil, but is there a way that you can please not push ads that have sound. These seem to be occurring more and more are are super annoying and intrusive.

The other wish list item would be to have a standard size for the ads. All to often I will go to click to view some detail and just as I do the ad expands in height and I end up opening a page for it rather than the flight information.


Where are you seeing ads, on the discussion group or flightaware app?

On the website. Mainly noticed when viewing a specific flight, but I think in other places as well, such as viewing airport list of flights.

Can you email the contents of Session Diagnostics - FlightAware to the support team after one of these ads appears?

Ads on FlightAware should’t make sound unless you interact with them, and shouldn’t ever expand.

Sure. I have bookmarked this link and will send the next time it happens.

Just had one happen… what email address should I send to? The one on the contact page seems to be for sales?

Thanks, just sent email.

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