What's the best chip setup?

I bought a Pi3 with the NOOBS/Raspian setup preloaded and now have Piaware running on it. Is the the FA Piaware IMG is the best way to go if the Pi3 will be a dedicated box? I have to manually launch piaware after logging in but unsure how to automate that, so a tip on how to get that done is also welcome.

If you just want to run piaware on it and nothing else, then yes, the piaware sdcard image is the simplest approach. piaware will start automatically.

Alternatively, check out adsbreceiver.net . An install routine that will walk you through setting up a number of tools, including PiAware. Created by a long time pro on here… Not me! :wink:

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The Piaware image is the simplest way to go. But if you use the ADS-B setup scripts it gives you more options for feeding to other services, plus the web portal option has nice performance graphs. If you follow the instructions the install script is a good way to go. If you do install via the script be sure to select dump1090-fa. The fa version has a much nicer looking map.


The maps in both dump1090-mutability and dump1090-fa are same (OpenStreet, with option to add Bing Roads layer).

The differences are as follows.

  1. The aircraft table on right side of map: The aircraft table of fa version is more colorful and more functional than mutability version.
    The fa version has following facilities, while mutability version does not have these:
  • option to choose units (Aeronautical/Metric/Imperial)

  • option to filter by altitude

  • option to display “map only” or “table only” or “both table and map”

  • option to select/deselect all planes.

  • option to reset map

  1. Size of planes: In fa version planes are reasonably sized, while in mutability version some are unduly huge.
  2. Selected plane details: in fa version, these are shown in a popup block top-left of map. In mutability version, these are shown in aircraft table below the clock.
  3. The mutabilty version has clocks, fa version does not have clocks.
  4. For US only, mutability has option for following additional layers, which fa version does not have:
  • Sectional Charts

  • Terminal Area Charts

  • World Aeronautical Charts

  • IFR Enroute Low Charts

  • IFR Area Charts

  • IFR Enroute High Charts

I installed mutability and then changed the map to the fa version using this method.

This may or may not be helpful :wink: