Raspberry Pi 3B+ install


Can anyone advice when the PiAware SD Card image will available to support the 3B+ model. I have just purchased a Raspberry, FlightAware stick but at the moment cannot do anything as it the 3B+ model.
Bryan Winning


I know you are asking about the image, as it’s the best and most convenient way to install Piaware. But if you want, you can install it manually, by following the instructions on the FA page.


A new image that supports the 3B+ will be available in the next week.


Thanks for the reply. I had a look at that but not being very good at installing like that. I prefer the easy way just by clicking to transfer one thing direct.
Thanks anyway I will wait for the new supported image.



I have been waiting patiently (Line inserted in order to reach the minimum character count)



Excellent I just ordered a PI 3 B+ today!