New PiAware 2.1-5 image with support for Raspberry Pi 3

FlightAware now has a Jessie SD Card of PiAware 2.1-5, which adds support for the Raspberry Pi 3: …

The new image not only has a newer Raspbian that supports the Pi 3, but it’s also less than half the size of the last PiAware SD card image (368MB vs 948MB).

Our next release of PiAware (PiAware 3.0, April) will take advantage of more Pi 3 features and make the entire process easier. Additionally, once the Pi 3 is more readily and reliably available, we’ll be modifying the PiAware build instructions to instruct new folks to by a PI 3.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Please spread the word about PiAware!

I recently installed the last version of jessie on a Raspberry Pi 3 and (with the fantastic support on this forum) have it up and running.

Is there any reason I should install this update, or should I wait for “Our next release of PiAware (PiAware 3.0, April) will take advantage of more Pi 3 features and make the entire process easier.”?


Nope you can wait and it should automatiaclly update.

I need to get into the system then and reset it for auto updates.

I didn’t do that when setting it up.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Does the 2.1.5 image support the built-in Wifi in the Pi 3?


I’m taking the time to update things – two of the new FlightAware Pro USB ADS-B receivers arrive tomorrow. And a local shop here in Silicon Valley, Central Computers, just got in a shipment of Pi 3s – I think they sold a dozen in the time I was there, and probably have a dozen left.

Having been gone for a few months, is there a better way to substitute in a newer processor other than cloning the old MAC address?

bob k6rtm

I’ve installed it and ran on a RP2 but cant get past the login page. It asks for user name and pw, but doesn;t recognize my password. Isn’t it the same as my flightaware log in? I can connect to it thru the flight aware page and see the data so I know it’s running, but can’t login from the local terminal GUI connected to the RP2

Default username for the local interface is pi and password is flightaware

I entered that, the screen goes blank, then comes right back to the same login page. What’s supposed to happen? …

I downloaded this and burnt it to the Micro SD card for a PI3. It has installed on the card but when I use putty to login the password: “flightaware” returns : “Access Denied”

Any suggesttions? I m only familiar with Windows OS.

Username pi
Password flightaware

More info is here:- … recommands

You can plug in a keyboard and connect the hdmi port to a TV or monitor to get a direct connection.

You are in a great location to improve coverage.

Gidday JohnHawkes2030. I note what you are saying with the keyboard but I do not have one, hence, why I was using Putty. I would have thought using login PI and password flightaware would achieve the same outcome for keyboard or Putty but I could be wrong? Can you advise on this? It worked with the Noobs card that came with my PI3. Maybe Piaware does not cater for this??

I bought a keyboard and still the PI3 will not take flightaware as the password. Are there capitals in either Pi or Flightaware…does it matter?

Hi WarrnamboolCity,
I’ve been using my RPi3 with the PiAware image installed for just about a week now, and I just used PuTTY for the first time 2 days ago. Clearly I’m no expert… so, if I can do it anyone can. What I’m curious about is how you determined the IP address of your RPi3 once you installed PiAware? Heck, I don’t even know how you’d figure out the correct IP address so that you could connect when you had the Noobs card in there. If I didn’t have the keyboard and display to start with I don’t think I could have gotten PuTTY running.

Now that you do have a keyboard and some kind of display, if you type “ifconfig” on your RPi does it display the same IP address that you’re trying to connect with in PuTTY? I don’t know what other devices you might have on your network. Clearly something is telling you “access denied.” If it actually is coming from your RPi3/PiAware then I don’t know what the issue might be.

BTW, to answer your question, the login and password are entirely lower-case.

Hi. I purchased the Noobs sd card to save download time. I used a mix of Google and YouTube to workout how to access the PI3 via putty. This enabled me to load in but it didn’t give the GUI. For that I downloaded XRCD into the PI3 and then use remote login on the Windows machine. This gave me the GUI of my PI on my desktop machine.I used a piece of software called ipscan on the Windows machine. With the PI3 connected via wire into the router I could run the ipscan and it would give me the IP address of all systems on the network. From there the IP address was entered into putty on the desktop machine to gain access over the network to my PI3. I think they call it blind head because there is no screen or keyboard attached to the PI directly. Anyway, I was able to update the Noobs using this method but as far as flight aware is concerned, PI and flightaware are not letting me in to the command line.

If you are using noobs then the default password is

No I am not using Noobs. I downloaded the piaware .img from this forum(link) burned it to a 32 GB class 10 SD card using win 32 disk manager or something like that. So it is only those files pertaining to that image on the SD card.

Is there a file in the burned image that I can look at in a text editor to see if all is well? Should I erase and reburn the .img to the SD card?

Try starting again. The image should work with just pi and flightaware.
(all lower case).
I just want to ensure that you burned the image to the SD card,with something like win32diskimager, not just copied it.

FYI, I lived in Melbourne for a couple of years in the 1980s. My Brother married a Melbournite.
Spent 30 years in Sydney and am back in the U.S.(Place of my birth). I get back to Aus every year or two.

:smiley: I was wondering how you knew my location was good for improved coverage. I will try your suggestion and report back in the next 24 hours. Thanks.

:blush: Do you ever have those days when you feel like an idiot? I have just had one. I burned Live ATC to the card, not Piaware. Had you have not told me to burn again John I would not have picked that up. Haha.