Pi3 - looking to update piware 2.1.5 to latest version 3.x

HI there,

I have a PI3 running the latest Raspberry Jessie with all the Updates and upgrades complete. When I followed the build instruction to create a Piware device I have “blindly” followed instructions and put Piware 2.1.5 on it and its working OK. Now I now version 3.0.4 is out there waiting to be used. I logged into my Flightaware status page and went to the option to send commands to my device. I selected Upgrade Piware and reboot. Watching the log files it recopies 2.1.5 back onto the PI and then over writes 2.1.5 with 2.1.5 then it reboots ok.

Have also tried to Update everything but nothing is updated and it stays the same version.

I have seen i can create a new Piware SD card but I did that from scratch to build this install. Can I upgrade the Piware 2.x to 3.x via the command line with a minimum of hassle or do I just download the SD Card image and use that?



I believe they are working on a way to upgrade, but the only way to do it right now is the sdcard image.

What edgy posted is correct. There is no way currently to upgrade from an image of 2.x to 3.x. Now, you can install the image of 3.03 and it will update to 3.04 (IIRC an image with 3.04 might be available now).

So have followed this link flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build and built the piaware SD disk Image. When I boot it in my PI3 it comes to a splash login page … Debian 8 with the standard login prompt for Debian. Have tried PI and raspberry in various styles of capitalisations…but I cant get In. Strange I was expecting a Jessie prompt and not a debian 8 prompt. In fact I was expecting root access at a GUI similar to Jessie … I have again reloaded the Windows SD zip Image and loaded it in the PI3 but Debian 8 remains. A bit perplexed but its been a long hard day at work and I am tired, maybe I’m missing something. Will stick in my old Dump 1090 and feed 360 radar again whilst I work what I have done wrong.

any advice, hints or even you silly … just to get 3.0.4 operational welcome


Debian 8 and Jessie are different names for the same thing.

The default user/password is pi/flightaware, just like on the Piaware 2 images.

Thanks for the user credentials.

But as I have not run previous versions of Piaware I was oblivious to these. No where that I can see in the documentation does it mention user credentials required. Perhaps a documentation update for new users of Piaware would alleviate the same question for the next new user?



I think I am going to retire gracefully.

The SD card has been build on a version of Jessie that does not support the inbuilt wireless of the Raspberry pi 3 by default.

Linux Piware rpi2 #1

The native Jessie for the pi3 supports Wireless out of the box, I am wireless throughout and the days of running Cat3,Cat5 or Cat6 cable are over for me.

Please accept my apologies for my frustrations as I thought this was an off the shelf, like for like , graceful upgrade from 2.1.5 to version 3.0.4. I’m not new to Unix, but I am new to flightaware. I will revisit in a few months when its a bit more mature.

I realise many people have used previous versions without issue , I just appear to have joined when in transition from one major version to another major version without a well documented upgrade path.


The username/password is documented here: flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build/optional

That page also documents how to configure the Pi 3’s built-in wifi on piaware 3.0 (it is supported directly - that was one of the larger features of piaware 3, to support wifi config out-of-the-box without needing to hook up a monitor etc)

Going from version 2.x.x to version 3 must be a fresh SD card build.

You can do it as an "update to the Pi

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