New PiAware 3 - Updating Raspi & FlightFeeder's



I’ve been reading about the new PiAware 3 software… and have some questions…

I have two instalations…
1 FlightFeeder (version 6.4)
1 RasPi (PiAware 2.1.5) (jprochazka/adsb-receiver scripts) dump1090-mutability

I don’t want to do a fresh install on my RasPi (have other software on it)…
I found some instructions to upgrade my RasPi (PiAware 2.1.5) to version 3 and will try it…

I thought I’d report back that building piaware 3.0.3 was a lot easier than I expected using piaware_builder from github, with a sidenote that the dependencies that are listed are out-of-date. Not a problem, just try to build it, see what dependencies fail, install them, and try again.

Since I have other code running on my pi 3 and I’m already up to date with dump1090-mutability, this was a preferable approach for me. For the other “impatient”, this is basically what I did to build it myself:

Logged in as pi executing from ~/:

mkdir git (if you don’t have one already) cd git
git clone []( cd piaware_builder
./ jessie cd package-jessie
$ dpkg-buildpackage -b

sudo apt-get install the missing dependencies & repeat

dpkg-buildpackage -b cd …
$ sudo dpkg -i piaware_3.0.3_armhf.deb

Answer Y for new config file /etc/init.d/piaware if prompted

$ sudo reboot

Now, what NEW features will I get using this method?

Updating the Flightfeeder…???

Can this be done? Of course it CAN be done., but SHOULD it be done?
I’ve seen some radar sites (not telling names) that have upgraded there old flightfeeder 6.4 to the new PiAware 3.0.3

I’m tempted to do it also to enable MLAT on my radar…
Been waiting paciently for the FlightFeeder 7+ update

What are the CONS of doing this change?


Please don’t do that. It will break our ability to update the FF.


As mduell says, this is a bad idea and it makes the FF mostly useless to us. They are managed devices and we need a FF image on them to be able to mange them. Those sites that have done this are being asked to reimage back to a FF image.

If you have a H4 or H6/G6 flightfeeder, you can upgrade to 7.x right now, contact The current upgrade path requires replacing the sdcard, we haven’t prepared a remote upgrade path, which is why it’s not happening automatically. (I checked your FF and it is a H6 so you should be able to do this)