Updating Manually Installed Piaware 3

Hello all,

I guess this is a question for Obj.
I manually installed Piaware 3.0.3 and its working great with Dump1090-mutability and the collectd graphs.

My question is about updating it. I see on Github that there is now a 3.0.4 release, but when I use apt-get update and then dist-upgrade it doesn’t say that there’s a Piaware update. I ran dpkg --list and Piaware 3.0.3 is in the list so apt should be checking for updates.

Is the Github releases and the apt updates 2 different things?

If you built from source and installed the resulting package directly with dpkg, then to upgrade just go through the same process again (build the new version from source, install the new package with dpkg)

I will be sorting out instructions for binary-package-based installs soon that includes hooking it into the apt repository that the piaware sdcard images uses for upgrades.

I didn’t realize there was an update until I saw this thread so I added a comment to the PiAware 3 Announcement thread for updates. Here’s the process for this thread as well

To upgrade from 3.0.3 to 3.0.4 if you built 3.0.3 locally on your Pi, you can take advantage of git pull:

Logged in as pi from ~/:

$ cd git/piaware-builder
$ git pull
$ ./sensible-build.sh jessie
$ cd package-jessie
$ dpkg-buildpackage -b

sudo apt-get install the missing dependencies & repeat (shouldn’t need any new ones from 3.0.3)

$ cd …
$ sudo dpkg -i piaware_3.0.4_armhf.deb
$ sudo reboot

Oh thats awesome!!

And I am assuming that I don’t need to remove 3.0.3 before installing 3.0.4 correct?

Mine was fine without uninstalling 3.0.3 first.