Upgrade PiAware SD Image 2.1-5 to 3.0.2


My apologies if this is answered somewhere searching does not work.

My Pi3 is currently running the jessie SD image v2.1-5. I am wondering if I wget the 3.0.2 release, and make install will it break things badly, or is this the method we can take. I would rather not reimage the SD as there are quite a few customizations I have made and other feeders that are running nicely on it as it is. apt-get is not pulling any updates past 2.1-5, and all of the debian stuff is already on the latest.


I suggest you wait a few days for the 3.0 release to happen properly first (we’re still cleaning up a few loose ends)


Thanks for the response. Was unclear if the auto update would pull a major version change.


Will a notice go out when the 3.0 software is available? Is there a list to sign up for to be notified?

Looking forward to the release!