Updating and RPi Maintenance


I’m excited that a new update of PiAware has been released but am puzzled on how to update. When I visit the update site, instructions are from the command line-

# Download PiAware (piaware_1.15-1_armhf.deb)
wget http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/piaware_1.15-1_armhf.deb

# This will upgrade PiAware on your Raspberry Pi
sudo dpkg -i piaware_1.15-1_armhf.deb

# This will install any newly required third party libraries
# It is usually not needed for upgrades
sudo apt-get install -fy

Do I type ALL of this into the prompt, or is there something I’m supposed to be looking for?

Also, my Pi is on a wifi connection, and I don’t have a way to access it wirelessly. I’ve been told I can access it through PuTTY and SSH, but I am unfamiliar with either. My intention was to unplug the unit, hook it up to my monitor and keyboard and update. But I’ve also read that unplugging the unit could corrupt the SD card. Is there a proper protocol to shut the RPi down? Is there any additional maintenance that needs to be routinely done to the software or unit, or is this more of a “set and forget” system?


You can learn how to SSH to your RasPI at adafruit.com/blog/2012/12/20 … spberrypi/

As far as the update commands. The lines with “#” are comments, so you do not need to enter those. When updated i entered all the “non #” commands. It worked for me. Others will probably chime in.


We need to work on the wording here – we distribute PiAware via an image (that goes to an SD card) and also a package (that people install manually). If you use the image, then you CAN do the upgrade as described, or you can re-image with the latest 1.15. The only problem with doing that is you’ll have to setup WiFi again. If your setup is working fine, there’s currently no reason you should bother upgrading at this point.


When I first built my Pi, I used the 1.14 image. Everything is working fine at this point, but out of curiosity, if I wanted to update to 1.15, I understand I could just use my Mac’s terminal window and access the Pi via SSH and enter the code to update to 1.15 AS LONG as SSH is enabled on the Pi? With that said, does the disk image of 1.14 come SSH already enabled, or will this be something that I will need to hook the Pi up to the keyboard and monitor again to enable?


Yes, ssh is enabled on the image by default. You can either re-image from scratch with 1.15 or run the commands above.

From your mac terminal, do:


where IPADDRESS is the IP of your Pi, then run the commands.


Will do. Thanks for all the support. I feel like I’m being needy on the discussion board, but everyone has been great with getting back to me. I’ll give this a shot on my Mac this evening and see how things go. I noticed I’ve got one reported anomaly on my stats page mentioning that I need to update. Hopefully, I can get this taken care of. Thanks again!


No apologies…we appreciate the feedback so we can improve the process for everyone going forward. These are still the very early days and PiAware is under very active development.


Successfully updated to PiAware 1.15 using the Command Terminal on my Mac. Was easier than expected. Thanks FlightAware!