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Using apt update/upgrade

I have just installed/updated my PiAware software to the lastest version (5.0) using a new SD disk image. All is well. Can I do the normal:

$ apt update && apt upgrade

from time to time? Or should that be discouraged?

Should be no problem doing that.

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That’s how I update everything on all 3 of my headless Pi’s including the one used for virtual radar and my Pi-hole machine although when advised that updates are available for Pi-hole I just run pihole -up as it seems to me that they are not included in the usual update path.

Works very well for me as it updates everything I want it to do.

Even the odd package such as mlat-client that my original install pulls from AirNav as that has a bug where if you restart the rbfeeder service basically it mlat-client won’t restart on its own which necessitates a device reboot, However ot get round this I put a sudo apt-mark hold mlat-client on it so it doesn’t keep downloading the buggy version when doing the sudo apt update followed by sudo apt full-upgrade commands.

I use the bug-fixed version recompiled by abcd567 until such times as AirNav finally get round to resolving it but based on other issues I’m not holding my breath.

As all of my Pi’s are tucked away in the loft on the end of a PoE network cable I access them using either RDP, SSH or via a couple of apps on my iPhone that allow me to open an SSH connection or save commands so it makes it easy to run these commands.



Many thanks. Very helpful.

I write a script that runs auto update on my Pi’s using a scheduled cron job to complete the task, reboots of the Pi only occur when updates are available.

More information here:-

my Git Repo with the script is here: Raspberry-Pi/Scripts at main · muckypaws/Raspberry-Pi · GitHub

It’s been running a while and makes sure I have the latest patches and updates.