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PiAware hardware requirements


Hi everybody !

I’m running a PiAware setup on a Raspberry Pi 2 and (except for MLAT at the moment) it works rather well. Now I also have an unused Pi B+ lying around, and was wondering if that one is still working with the latest PiAware builds. It is not mentioned as supported on the PiAware site.

If it helps, the secondary location where I would put it and with the old cheapo RTL-SDR stick and antenna, I think it would hardly ever see more than ~10 a/c at a time.



The sdcard image does still suport a 1B+. We actually have a few FlightFeeders still in the field that use a 1B+. Probably not much CPU headroom left after dump1090 + piaware + mlat though, so I wouldn’t try to put other stuff on it too.


Awesome, thanks! Will try this ASAP.


I retired my 1B+ almost a year ago because its CPU usage was persistently above 90%.
Well this may be because it not only had Piaware (mlat-enabled) and dump1090-fa, but also had:

  • Planefinder feeder
  • Flightradar24 feeder
  • Radarbox24 feeder
  • Adsbexchange feeder
  • Performance graphs by JP