Newbie Question - Best Way to setup Pi 3 B+ Software


I am an aviation geek who has used Flightaware frequently to track aircraft for photography purposes. I saw on the Flightaware website about building an ADS-B receiver with the Pi. I have completed building it and downloaded the software on a memory card per the instructions and tried to boot the Pi to no luck. Limited programming experience, but I did see the note that the software does not work on the Pi 3 model. Can anyone recommend a site link to get the proper software installed so I can get the Pi to work. I had wanted to use it on my wireless network. So far the links I have found seem to be very technical in nature. Help! Thanks


the 3.6.2 image works fine on the Pi 3B and 3B+

I suggest you follow the instructions to the letter again.

start from #2


Thanks for the help, I will try again. Up under the shopping list is where I found this note - “Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3B+ can be used, however the PiAware SD Card image does not yet support the 3B+ model. You must do a package installation of PiAware.”

That is why I thought I might have to go the technical route.

Thanks again!


This is out of date now, the 3.6.2 sdcard image will work out of the box on a B+, the install page needs updating.


Great Thanks so much for the help!