Rtl-sdr v3

I have just received an RTL-SDR V3 dongle. From reading, I think I might have to do some setting up the dongle to work with our tracking systems. Will be using it with a new PI3 B+. What do I have to do to set it up or is it plug and play (I think not ??)


The current version of the PiAware image will not work the Pi3B+.

To install Piaware you will need to download Raspbian from here:

Setup remote connections into the box to get to the command line:

and then follow the directions to install the PiAware software page from here:

The command in the directions need to be typed into the remote command line.

A later version of the piaware image will work for the new Pi3 B+ systems.

The RTL-SDR dongle will work without modifying the PiAware software.

Hi David,

Not so. I seamless took out the sd card from my PI3 b, put it in the PI3 B+, powered up and away it went, didn’t even loose my current FA id…


Yes. This is also possible if you are upgrading from a Pi 3 to a Pi 3B+.

Before you move to Pi 3B+ you need to run

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

This will grab the OS changes needed to run the stock piaware SD card image to be useable on a Pi 3B+.

As far as I know, just using the stock piaware image will not boot on a Pi 3B+. You need to have a spare Pi 3B to update the OS first or follow what I wrote above.

My PI 3B+ is in the mail and should be here soon.

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