Help with setting up Flightaware to run wifi

Hi all
I have got myself a Raspberry Pi 3 and all the stuff to build a ADS-B but being “Thick” when it comes to computers I have got a bit stumped on setting it up to use the wifi instead of the Ethernet cable. I managed to install the Fa image etc and got it up and running earlier in the week with it connected via Ethernet cable to my router but it needs to be moved as the router is downstairs and not near a window so I am getting limited messages, plus my 18 month old son thinks its a toy and keeps grabbing it. I ideally would like to move it into the loft/ attic and get a external antenna mounted on the roof for a better signal but there is no way of getting a Ethernet cable to the loft (wife wont let me).

How do I go on about setting up the wifi on the Pi, I have read the instructions on how to build a Receiver but like I said Im a bit thick with computers, I cant connect to the Pi unless its plugged into the router and when its not plugged in nothing. When I first set up the Pi (without PiAware installed) just installed the card that came with it with Noobs on it I managed to enter my wifi setting and connect to the internet but now it wont connect unless its plugged in to the router.

Do I plug it into the router then set up the wifi settings or something else? any help with this issue would be great

Sorry for being thick but I used to be blonde before I went bald
Thanks in advance Grahame

You can set up wifi by editing /boot/piaware-config.txt (this file is on the first partition of the sdcard and can be edited directly on a PC if you prefer)
See … ional#wifi

Thanks for the fast response
I found the file on the sd card and changed the text to yes in the part that said

# change this to “yes” to enable wifi do I need to add the quotation marks?

Then put in my network name /SSID and password, saved the file put it back in the Pi but still nothing.

Sorted. Got it up and running

What are some other known issues regarding PiAware image disabling native WLAN on RPi3?

Symptom “No wireless interface found”

My WLAN worked fine before loading the PiAware SD image.
Modifying the piaware config file didn’t change anything.
Formatting the card again and reloading the image and modifying the file didn’t change anything either.


The built-in wifi on a Pi 3 should be fine (it is one of the configurations I test before releasing).
How are you attempting to configure wireless? Don’t use the X GUI, it doesn’t understand the piaware image’s setup.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am modifying the config file on a PC. But I just had a thought - and maybe this is what you are saying - I am trying to view it connecting through the RPi GUI…

Right, the GUI only understands one particular setup and that is not the configuration that the piaware image sets up.

Try “/sbin/ifconfig” and/or “iwconfig”

It doesn’t show up on my router’s client list either though…

disregard - disconnected and reconnected power and its running and connected to the router!

Thanks for your help - looking at the RPi GUI was my mistake.