Piaware and Wifi only?


Greetings, first post. I started using Piaware on the 10th and love it. I bought a new Pi B+ to use just for Piaware. :smiley:

I had it running perfectly for a couple of days and decided that I wanted to move the Pi closer to the window so I could hang the antenna outside for better reception. I could just get a 30 foot ethernet cable to do this, but I’d rather do it with Wifi. So yesterday I follow the Optional instructions to set up Wifi on the Pi. Works great. So I unplug the ethernet cable from the Pi and everything seems to look fine at first. My live data is still showing on the local web page and piaware-status looks good. BUT, on the FlightAware My ADS-B page I saw that my feed was no longer showing “Live”. I plugged the ethernet cable back in and it’s live again.

Shouldn’t this work with a Wifi connection only? By the way, when I had the ethernet cable out I could ping out from the Pi and all the networking looked good. Just the connection to FlightAware wasn’t working. I’m not sure the make of the Wifi dongle, but I bought it with the Pi.


Ah-ha, since you could ping but it didn’t work, that explains it. Yes, it works fine wi-fi only, but I think perhaps PiAware got confused about how it was connecting to FlightAware. How about you connect and restart PiAware after switching to WiFi only?


I’ll give that a try and report back. I really would like to do the Wifi only thing.


It seems to be working now. Yesterday I had made some changes to /etc/network/interfaces and may have messed something up there. Today I left it alone and it seems to be OK. Thanks!


Just remember that piaware takes its identity from the hardwire MAC address even when running wifi. Check the address on your FA site. It doesn’t hurt anything, just another idiosyncrasy.