What kind of 747 is this?

Skip to around 17 seconds, its just a quick flash of it.

Vicki Butler Henderson banged up (good quality) - YouTube)

A photoshopped one.

Ive seen the ones carrying a 3rd engine on a wing, but never the pods a la B52

Actually the real life equivalent of being Photoshopped-

flightglobal.com/articles/20 … movie.html

VERY cool looking bird at any rate!

That is cool, but I never actually saw the movie. Im guessing it doesn’t fly, they said even the remaining engines are mock-ups. I wonder how you move around a 747 that can’t fly?

With a tug. 8) And no, it doesn’t fly.

Well, obviously :laughing:

I meant, you cant just leave a 747 around, its gotta go somewhere eventually.

Well here’s how!!! At least how those crazy Brits do it. :wink:

video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 5651803021

PS I think it’s weird that the Youtube clip Chris provided is from the UK show “Fifth Gear” while the 747 in question is (and always has been) at the test track of their rival show “Top Gear” and is seen in their shows regularly. Ah well… something to keep me up at night…

Ok, now I get it, because I watch Top Gear, and I always wonder, why is that 747 you can see in the background never go anywhere, its always there.
Now I know, because some idiot took all the engines off :laughing:

Top Gear fills up my DVR, much to my wives dismay. Anyway Dunsfold Park is where they have their test track and is where the 747 is.

This particular 747 was used as a prop in one of the recent James Bond movies. It was used on a scene at KMIA.