Wierd 747


Is this a new look for the 747’s or is this just one of a kind aircraft???



Got me, its a 747-236B. No idea.


Nice picture though.


I did a little research on this by entering the registration into Google. One reply said there was a rumor of it being in a movie.


The registration is reserved by the FAA to be used in movies. Kinda like the 555 prefix for phone numbers.
Search the reg on airliners, its been used in a few flicks.


Thats wonderful. Why doesn’t everyone who DOESN’T know the answer reply. Thank you.


The next James Bond epic. Dunsfold (UK) is ‘standing in’ for Miami; they even flew a DC-6 in to act as background. I have no idea why it was necessary to umm… modify the 747 :question:


It’s a stage prop; it has been used in several movies and tv shows.
If I recall correctly, the engines and fuel pods are fiberglass.