What kind of plane is this?

flightaware.com/photos/view/1789 … all/sort/d :question: :question: :question: Almost looks like a B-25, but I know it’s not.

It’s a P-2

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Lockheed P-2V Neptune. Very interesting airplane.


airliners.net/photo/Neptune- … 1461865/L/

And here’s the company website:


Ahhh. Patrol plane, Thank ya’ll very much. Nice looking plane. I noticed the radial engines, did they make any with turbo-props?

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They’re based in Missoula. When you fly in there during the winter they have 'em all lined up at their base. I think they had a crash a couple summers ago too.

Pretty cool looking aircraft. Thanks for all the info! :smiley:

If you find yourself in the Reading, PA area, stop by the Mid Atlantic Air Museum. They have a P2V-7 sitting on the ramp.

Don’t think I will be there any time soon, but thanks anyway! Do you know where any more would be at, somewhere in Texas maybe, or in a museum somewhere?

We didn’t but the Japanese upgraded their lend lease ones to turboprops


I guess the U.S made the P-3 to replace the P-2?

You noticed the radials, but did you notice that the pods on the wings outboard of each engine? Those are two jet engines, straight turbojets, to boost the performance a bit. Very unusual configuration. Avgas and Jet fuel in one airplane!


Check out www.maam.org for more.

I noticed that, and I said them sure look like a pair of turbo-jets, but I just figured they were fuel or water tanks…

And the 737 er uh P-8A to replace that! :smiley:

:laughing: What model 737 is that?