Help Identify This Aircraft

Oh great FlightAware Gurus. I need your help identifying this aircraft:

It was parked at the Wexford County Airport (CAD) in Cadillac, MI. A gentleman I spoke with said that it was a kit plane and that it has an ultra-light engine. Not sure if that is true but that is what he said. Doesn’t seem like an ultra-light engine would have enough power to get that thing off the ground.

I am offering to post a couple of similies and a thank you to the person/persons that can help me identify this plane.


I’m no expert on ACID, but what makes that not a dime-a-dozen Piper Cub?

It’s not a cub, it’s too small. But I don’t know what it is.

I’d have guessed it was a J3 Cub too, but I’m certainly no expert. I found THIS IMAGE of a J3, which at first glance APPEARS to be the same plane. Paint job is identical, and wing struts look similar too - as does the curvature of the rear windows. Looking at the window frames on “my image” (not really mine), they are black, whereas they’re yellow on the OP’s image. Wheel hubs are different too. The exhaust pipe hanging from under the engine in the OP’s image does not appear in “mine”.

HERE’S ANOTHER IMAGE OF YET ANOTHER ONE. Looks like “my” other one, except for yellow window frames.

Searching THUMBNAIL IMAGES, looks like some have cylinder heads sticking out of the cowling, and some don’t - but NONE of them have that big honkin’ exhaust pipe hanging below the engine cowling that the OP’s image shows.

…a Cub replica maybe?

It could be a Aviat Husky

From all of the husky images I’ve seen, the rear window is straight, whereas the Cub’s rear window and the OP’s plane’s rear window is rounded. Aside from that, the Husky had me scratchin’ my head! Everything else about it looks “cubby” to me.

I don’t think a Cub expert would fault anyone for calling the OP’s plane a Cub. The only thing throwin’ me about it is the exhaust pipe hangin’ down. Some sort of engine conversion?

…mmmm, definitely not a Husky, and not a real Cub…no exposed cylinder heads, for one thing… Looks like some sort of ultralight Cub replica…note the smallish prop, the air filter on the side of the cowl, the wheel forging, the single seat, and…no registration…which I don’t believe is required for ultralights.

My guess is a homebuilt Cub. Not sure about the OP’s source regarding the ultra light engine. Maybe somebody told him it was a very small engine and he then called it an ultra light. I emailed the pic to my instructor who builds custom Cubs. Will report back when I hear.

I don’t know about the exhaust on that plane. My club 172 has a tuned exhaust which hangs way back like that. It adds about 20hp on top of the 160hp engine. It’s a rocket!

The Cub and the Aeronca look very similar – could it be an Aeronca?

Long live the Starship!


Might be an Aeronca L-3 Grasshopper, but those aren’t fully cowled.
Could an L-16, like in the picture.

Cool…thanks! I bet you are right.

Long Live the Starship


“New” Cub LSA?

Def not a Sportcub, they are full size and loud, I fly out of the apron next to their plant and see their Sport Cubs come and go all day.

My instructor owns Yakima Aerosport (around the corner from Cubcrafters) and I’d say he nailed it

Looks like one of the early Fisher Product ultra lites. It is powered by a 250CC Rotax and is single place

Check out

Ding Ding Ding Ding…We have a winner… the Fisher FP-202 Koala

Is it just me or does it look like a cartoon airplane? Kinda cute and pot-bellied? Like Droopy Dog should be flying it, right?

Looks like a J3 Pup. A single seat baby J3 with a two-cylinder engine of about 25 to 35 hp. It used to be in the ultralight category.

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