What kind of plane is this?

This plane flies around my house all the time. It is/was a military plane because it still has that star on the wing. Just want to know if anyone knows what it is. View it in full for a bigger picture.

flightaware.com/photos/view/8675 … ate/page/1

PC-3 Orion


Thank you so much! Can a normal person own one of these or is the Navy flying around Dallas?

The P-3 Orion is an Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) plane. It was in service back in the Vietnam era, and continued for years. I have not kept up at all, but I really doubt it is still in significant service. I invite corrections and collaborations, as I definitely am long in the tooth about this old bird. It could be there is a Navy Reserve group still flying them.
Hope they are based at Houston or Corpus, and just fly into Dallas occasionally - or, their gyro compass severely needs caging and resetting!!
However, they must be doing a great job… No news of enemy subs terrorizing the Gulf Coastal waterways. Hummmm… Could it be that P-3’s are now on drug interdiction missions now? Lots of loiter time in this old bird - could be good for something! :laughing: :wink:

I read somewhere that they used them for border patrol now too. Dallas, however, is a good 500 miles aways. If they are chasing immigrants that far then I would think they would just give up.

Believe the P-3’s are based at JRB Fort Worth

They also use to fly them out of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, 10 years ago…

Theyre still at Whidbey island. They come down to eugene All the Time (about three times a week) to do pattern work and CAT 3 ILS. Last week i saw three seperate p-3s doing approches and pattern work at the same time. They are still very active military birds. just like the B-52 there is no set date to retire them.

P2 and P3 are popular as slurry bombers for fighting wildfires.

The photo you posted clearly isn’t a slurry bomber though.

NOAA still uses them for research…


Can a normal person own one of these?

You can always buy a Lockheed Electra . . .


Currently 18 Electra’s on the USA register and 18 in Canada.

Interesting it’s showing 18? I didn’t realize there were that many civil Electra’s still flying. In my opinion the Electra was by far the best looking airliner of it’s day.

“On the register” and “still flying” are two different things. No Electras (outside of P-3’s) on the USA registry are flying. In Canada, there are a few operating as fire fighters. Atlantic Airlines in the UK operates a few in cargo configuration.

Doesn’t appear to be any USA Electra’s flying. A few stored or museums.

In Canada on Buffalo buffaloairways.com/ us them for freight.

Buffalo has 3, Conair 2, and Air Spray 13, last 18 in the world flying.

34 listed in various stages of ‘stored’ or on display - worldwide.

According to airlinerslist.net, this is the current status of the Electra:

Currently operated:
9 Air Spray
3 Atlantic Cargo
3 Buffalo Airways

56 written off
64 scrapped
32 stored

That’s out of a total 170 Electra’s built

Sorry for the late reply - I have a family member that works on them (P-3’s) at NAS Jacksonville. I thought most of them were based down there - we get a good many of the Jax P-3’s in and out of Charleston pretty often.

P-3s in its various forms are still very active and flying. AFAIK there are 0 civilian P-3s flying, I believe even the fire bombers are Government owned. Many countries fly and operate P-3s.

We are building the P-8 based off of the 737 that will eventually replace the P3. But I bet in reserves and else where the P3 will still be flying for a couple more decades.

If I had the Moola I would love to have a “Airshow” P3 the bop around in.

Rick Scott

4500 hour former P-3 Aircrew (both EW Operator and Flight Engineer)

Then you’ll like this site;


and the P-8 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_P-8_Poseidon