I’m 99% sure its fake can anybody confirm? It looks like an old Air Canada 747 with the titles photo shopped out.

I think somebody here would have heard about that one!


100% Fake, and an old one at that. Seems like whenever there’s a Aviation (crash) event, theres an internet mailing that makes the rounds. I can remember seeing this a bunch of times. Some of the pic’s are are real, but many like this are false.

Fake. They don’t use that kind of drywall in airplanes anymore.


It’s reall… a real fake!

Rear fuselage appears to be from this test.

I remember this flight! Just another reason why I only fly in Business or First Class Dahlink! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Damn! I always sit in the back. Guess I’d have been toast on that one.

And drum roll puleeez

You would have missed the opportunity to sit next to our own Ms. Flight Aware two double OH Niner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… like she’d wanna talk to me… WAAAAaaaaaay outta my league! :cry:

Moot point anyway as I already have a “ball-n-chain” securely fastened around my ankle. Flirtation leads to temptation, and the cost of removing said ball-n-chain would exceed any short-term pleasures gained in being graced by the presence of our reigning beauty queen.

You can see a video of the test explosion here: … ent=140977

It’s about as real as my first wife’s boobs.

Frank Holbert

The explosion is real, the landing scenario is fake. The explosion was a test performed on a stationary 747. Using a real image from the explosion test, someone photoshopped to make the plane look like it was landing. Nice work but obviously bogus.

Awww, you and Allen are the sweetest NeedleNose!! However, what you say certainly has merit. Calls to mind the old addage, “Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned!!”

Who has the time to play with pictures like that?

Wha…? You talkin’ to ME???