Identify this aircraft for me, PLEASE


Would any of you guys be able to identify this aircraft for me, PLEASE its been bugging me for a while now.

The aircraft in question is approximately180ft long with a wing span of 124ft, the stubby tailplane throes me, it has a root chord of 30ft and a span of 42ft. It looks like the aircraft may be fitted with a tail boom it hard to tell.


Looks like an aircraft that has been chopped down for use as a fire training tool.


hey algo,maybe its a dreamliner after heavy moisture infiltration.


this may help. … 85,00.html


Where’s it located?


Yes, I would agree, kinda like this 747 at Will Rogers, Oklahoma City: … 1&t=h&z=19


The aircraft in the photograph located at a RAAF base in Australia,
This is not a choped 747 fire training aircraft it actualy flys according to my contacts in the RAAF but none of them can identify the aircraft, The aircraft photographed was located at a RAAF base in Western Australia, it is not a static fire trainer, the aircraft has been spotted taking off from the base and I have reports of the same aircraft from two different locations in Australia,
Apparently it is unmarked NO REG OR LOGO ??? I am working on getting a photograph of the aircraft taking off or a close up on the deck, apparently it is operating in the Queensland area at the moment, it was last spotted near the gold coast in mid December has not been seen since.
We will find it again it has been operating in Australia for over 4 years,
Judging by the apparently very high wing loading and the stubby tail it must be a very fast aircraft mach .95 at least.
any ideas ?


Looks like a clipped 707/KC-135. The Aussies call it an A20.


I considered that it could be an A20 but it is 30ft too long to be a derivative of the 707 it also has only two engines and the fuselage is way too fat , it a strange one.


Airbus KC-30B testbed Rob?


Could be mate thats about as good a description as any, it has got me stumped ! :frowning:

Could it be Russian ?? :confused:


Reminds me of Boeing’s parade float, but the dimensions the OP gave are a bit big for a parade float. If those dimensions are correct, it could be an iron bird for one of their platforms.

How did you derive those dimensions?


The image is from goggle earth I zoomed in and used the ruler tool to measure the plane I checked the accuracy by measuring another aircraft of known dimensions I used the 130 parked on the taxiway.
If you want a look for yourself Type, Bullsbrook, Western Australia.

You will see the RAAF base, this base is supposedly a flying training school Pc9s are all we should see. tell me the types of aircraft you see bearing in mind Australias largest military aircraft at the time this photograph was taken was the 707 tanker.


could it be a a310 in a military format?


I believe this is a 747SP that was given to Australia for special military use. Will do some checking and get more info.


I have been told that this is a mock up of a “747SP type” aircraft used for counter terrorist training. It was scratch built to allow for internal reconfiguration, ie. single or dual aisle, etc… There have been joint training operations with US Spec Ops types using this “airplane”.
Do a Google Earth search for the following: RAAF Pearce Aerodrome

Here is a closer look: … 3/sizes/o/


There you go

I was fairly confident something with those wing and fuselage dimensions couldn’t actually fly.


As has been proven time and again, if you put a large enough engine on it you can make anything fly!


Now that looks and sounds the part a 747SP mock-up very interesting thank you,

I am going to have a word with an aircraft spotter in Queensland if the aircraft is a mock up he told me pork pies when he reported seeing it near the gold coast cant trust anyone these days. Bloody anoraks with cameras will be the end of me one day.

I was worried about the obviously very high wing load of the aircraft but as JHEN pointed out any thing will fly if you put enough power behind it ,
for example the F105 Starfighter had the glide performance of a wet Mk1 house brick.


Emu Airlines! :stuck_out_tongue: