What happened on this flight


So did ATC drop the ball or did some kind of feed for the track get lost??

flightaware.com/live/flight/N136 … /KEFD/KBOI

I know the plane landed @ KBOI & was IFR the whole way.


Note the owner/operators name: INTERMAP TECHNOLOGIES INC
Intermap Website




Sometimes in the transition from local to area controllers, the flight information does not make its way to the national feed and thus does not make it to FA.

Does not mean it wasn’t IFR all the way, just means that the continuous flow of data for that flight has been severed along the way.


Did ATC drop the ball? I can’t stand it when a little data glitch causes someone to ask, “did ATC or flight aware screw up”. I guess they dont understand the volume of flights, which demands a ten fold of data for each flight. and if somthing just isnt 100% percent, they question it. Unbelievable :confused:


Glitches for newbies 101 :wink:

In this case two flights with the same last three or four digit identifiers were in the air at the same time. FA plots both flight simultaneously to get the effect you observed.

This is a known anomaly to FA.


Geez… lighten up a notch or three. It was a fair question about a flight which they seemed to be familiar. That’s a cool looking lear… I think I posted a youtube in the general/video section of it taxiing and departing in front of me on Halloween. What if the OP were a pilot of that plane and could share some cool stuff with us? I think we should be a little bit more accomodating.


Whoa… Dorishd0 Sorry to have offended.

I never implied Flightaware srewed up. Yes, I did imply ATC (computer or person) was the cause. The track dropped at an ARTCC boundry line where one Ft Worth sector handed the flight off to another. I was just after an easy answer to a quick question. btw thanks lancasterperch

I could have searched th faq’s, discusion history, etc… but I have better things to do & if “newbies” didn’t post then, Allen and Damiross would just have each other to nit pick.

I do understand the number of flights and complexities behind the scenes.
Most ATC people work very hard & do a great job, they are an important part of the team.



Actually, I am very tolerant of newbies… and go out of my way to help without nitpicking…

My posting history stands for itself.



And if you make the slightest mistake or the ever so popular “my opinion” and it doesn’t agree with him the watch out!