Possible Bug


I recently flew some IFR approaches to FCM and checked them on Flightaware. When I first looked at them, they were the actual tracks that I flew, two ILS 10R approaches exactly as they had been flown. When I looked back at the track later, the track was changed to a single big loop that was clearly a very rough approximation of what had happened. Why did Flightaware have the accurate tracks at one time and change them into a big loop later on? The flight track info was also abbreviated.


Can you post your tail number please?

I am taking a guess flightaware.com/live/flight/N2197K is you???

And I do see what you say.

On the link above, it shows your full track. On flightaware.com/live/flight/N219 … /KFCM/KFCM it shows a different graphic.

Image graphic is

map7.flightaware.com/flight_trac … 1199055000

Second image graphic is

map8.flightaware.com/flight_trac … 1199055000

Of course, this may not be you, but it is similar to the problem you describe.

Refreshing the main page and the tracking page yields the two different images randomly, no rhyme or reason as to which one will display.

Sorry for the wiiiiiiiiiiide posting, didn’t want to tiny URL it for the details needed.



My tail number is 9686K.


Hmm, I don’t see the same discrepancy in the image properties so this will have to wait for the Flight Aware staff guru’s

I am betting it has to do with ATC showing you arrived or an arrival code of some sort in the FAA computers if it was my guess.



Any news or thoughts about how the real track gets changed to a false track?


PS I flew the next day and filed an IFR flight plan but it was lost. I was taxiing to take off and they said they did not have my flight plan. The tower took my flight plan and I did fly IFR but it never showed up on Flightaware. Does this type of flight plan not make it to your computers?


Don’t know on the first answer regarding the tracking, but your question here, if it was treated as a pop up IFR request, that is a hit or miss, as I sometimes will pick up an IFR clearance on the ground without FSS intervention to a local airport nearby and it never shows up on Flight Aware.

flightaware.com/about/faq.rvt#popupifr for more info on popups.