IFR flight records

I’ve just recently joined the site. I was checking my N number and an IFR flight I took back in January showed up but one I took recently did not. The Jan flight involved center and the other only Approach and Dep. Anyone have a similar expereince of “dropped” flights?

I’m only guessing since I can’t see what was happening in the system. My best guess is that since the second flight involved only a local controller (approach or departure) that they handled it locally and did not put your flight in the national system. FA appears to only get flight information from the national system. Many local flights don’t get entered into it when there’s not going to be a handoff to another facility. (i.e. When you fly VFR above the clouds and then get local IFR for descent and approach)

Thanks for the tip on the flight plans. Now that I’m thinking about it, the flight plan probably stayed in the local host computer and I was given a local squawk code. Thanks again.