whats it take to get on flight aware?


I know that IFR flights and some VFR flights get on flight aware. But my question is how is it that FA choses the VFR flights? is it when the ATC makes A “slip” or what? I have flown many many VFR flights on the radar with a squawk code and never got the flight on FA. Im also skydiver driver and would kinda like to see the track on some of those flights. (i always talk to app. cont. and get a code) any ideas?

FA is has never not tracked any of my IFR flights even if i get a “pop up”. what gives?


As noted MANY times in the past, FA will not track your VFR flights. They might show up on a map view of an airport, but they won’t be trackable.
Where are you flying? If it is not in the US it will not show up. Do you have an N-number as an example?


“Tracking 5,055 airborne aircraft **(225 VFR) **with 27,049,284 total flights in the database.”

it seems to me that FA is TRACKING 225 VFR flights at the moment. or is the front page full of it?


Nope, you are. Read the FAQ’s and search the forum for the topic of VFR flights.


Your frustration is understandable. I think that you are misreading what the frontpage says.

HOWEVER…quit griping about something that is free!


I disscussed this exact topic a few months ago HERE. If people around here would use the SEARCH feature and read the FAQ, they would have their Qs answered. It’s a lot simpler than people think.