Tracking VFR flights


I own a share in an a/c most of our flights are VFR, most of the time we fly through a VFR flight plan but only some of those flights can be tracked. What determines if a VFR flight will be tracked or not? Is there something we con do when filing our flight plan so that it is tracked?


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Thanks for the quick response, I had already read this info and my question was more to try to understand why some flights are displayed and others are not. Thanks again. Happy flying


Sometimes, depending on the local center, controllers will " mark " a VFR flight traveling through a congested airspace. Sometimes you will see an ID like " TV5 ". This could be a newschopper traveling near an airports control boundry. Just a way for a controller to keep track of thier airspace.

Here is a specifc example: … /CYND/CYND

This is a Spitfire that flies out of Gatineau Quebec. It is part of a collection of warbirds put together by a private collector. I asked one of the pilots if they were filing IFR. Answer " Well chap I don’t think so "

Same thing happening here as with " TV5", the controller at Ottawa International tracks these flights because of thier proximity to the approach and departure routes.

So some VFR flights are tracked because it make life easier controlling a specific airspace.

Other than these examples, VFR flights do not show up here on FA.


The best way to get on airport maps is to talk to center while receiving VFR flight following. VFR flights will not appear on the aircraft pages.


OP - Do you have a link or picture of this happening?