Tracking VFR aircraft in controlled airspace

In the past I have been able to track a VFR airplane that I have on leaseback when it was airborne in controlled airspace and receiving flight following. Since the last website upgrade I have not been able to do this. Is there any way to access this info.


You can search the forum for more detailed information (this observation has been made many times before), but the short answer is that VFR flight following is not always reported by the FAA radar data and therefore not available on FA.

VFR flights must be put into the national system for flight following to MAYBE show up on FA. Local VFR flight following doesn’t show up. There’s no assurance that ANY VFR flight will appear, they may or may not.

then why did ALL my VFR Flights show up untill you did your update?

I didn’t do an update. I don’t work for FA.