WebPage Not Displaying Aircraft in Right Pane.

When I watch my site with Internet Explorer Skyview, I don’t see the aircraft lists in the right pane, but do see some aircraft in the left pane, but not as many as I think I should. If I click on an aircraft, I see the pop-up window with the info. My other site displays ok and shows about 25 aircraft at this time; the other site just shows one, but I have a much better antenna. I tried restarting everything to no avail. I think, but not 100% sure the problem started when I ran an apt-get update command. The log shows a lot of activity, so it’s picking up info–just not getting it to the web page. The right pane has zeroes for Aircraft, Positions, and History. All I see below the headings is ADB-B MLAT OTHER TIS-B. Thanks.

Try clearing your browser cache.

Failing that, can you take a screenshot to show the problem.