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My ADS-B page


The “My ADS-B” page used to show “flights tracked by this site” or something like that. It appears to have gone missing as of sometime yesterday.

Is this missing because of a problem or was this taken away ?


This was an inadvertent issue due to a recent software deployment. You should start seeing this section of the page again.

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Thanks. Working now.


Seems some of your support staff were unaware of that. I raised a query and furnished screen captures, but all I got was “click the little arrow”. Hard to do when the entire tab is missing.


Why would the My ADS-B page show me as online but at the bottom, it shows me as not being seen for 3 days?

Not sure if this is the correct Topic to put this under. I have also put it in another topic.


Well, there is the user last online directly below member since, that shows when you last visited the FA webpage.

Then there is the last seen in the nearby table, that is about the feeder checking in and sending data. One user can have more than one site. It is the same with ranks on that page, one for all sites of a user, below you see the individual rankings of sites. BTW, it seems you are not sending data right now.


This is what i am meaning. 3 green’s and Feeder check in 4 mins ago, yet the bottom list shows not seen for 3 days.


Feeder software is working but antenna is not receiving any flights.


Do you see any planes at this address in your web browser?


I see like this:
BionicDog on Pendrive


The receiver had one (!) position message today around midday, so the last seen is three hours ago right now.

What type of antenna are you using?

Edit: ok, it is the tuner, the fc0012 only goes up to 948.6 MHz. Do not cross post…

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