I just re-installed my PiAware due to a hardware failure and everything is working again except When I click on an airplane a window comes up as usual. I can get to the data on FlightAware no problem. When I click on the link to it goes to the site but there is no data. It says “No data found on this query.” I can copy and paste the ICAO data into the blank and get the data that way but it used to work automatically. Any ideas? has some weird logic about the requests it will accept; make sure you’re not blocking the referer URL in your browser.

You now need to register and log into Airframes before the form works.

I did that. No change.

It doesn’t seem to be browser related. Both Chrome and Internet Explorer fail.

Indeed. Same result.
Using link in Skyview I get:
Your query for aircraft ICAO24-address 40078B. Result: 0 rows.
A manual query:
Your query for aircraft ICAO24-address 40078B. Result: 2 rows.

I was wondering if it was picking up an nonprintable character but it doesn’t look like it.

I suggest you contact directly about it, nothing’s changed on the dump1090 side.