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Airframes.org links never work for me

Hi all,
I’m new to the tracking game, I started about a week ago with PiAware and (so far) crappy antenna, but I’m getting fairly good results already and new antenna is ordered.
I have some questions about Skyview - is there anybody who is able to use airframes.org directly from SkyView link? I registered, but all searches from SV end up with “not found” but if I paste it again manually, it works.
Other practical question - using Raspberry and micro SD card, how reliable that setup could be, especially, how reliable are typical SD cards? Normally they don’t have massive IO life and tend to fail quite often.

airframes.org has an opaque set of rules about what sort of requests they will accept (and they started requiring logins too which complicates things). e.g. in the past I’ve had problems with requests that omitted the Referer header. I’d suggest contacting the maintainer of airframes.org directly to work out what’s going wrong.

I can surely live without them, it could be just easier to remove the airframes.org links column all together. Clearly they don’t make it easy to link to them.

For me the first time I use the airfames.org link it will ask me to log in.
Subsequent use of the link however then works fine for me.

If you don’t mind - which browser you are using?

I use Firefox on my Windows 10 PCs and Safari on iPad and Iphone (IOS 12).
Behaviour is the same on all, i.e. it works once I have logged in once. Still works even if I close the tab I logged in on (until I close the browser).