Anyone else having trouble with


Every time I try to check a reg I get a blank page - Chrome, Firefox and IE. Can’t be just me.


Seem to work with Safari on a iPad.


Other then the database errors, the site is working for me.


I guess it IS just me. They are blocking my IP address for some reason. I checked on my phone and got a blank, then I remembered my phone was on WiFi. I turned off WiFi and connected with 4G and got right into I guess I’ll have to drop them an email and see what the beef is. I’m on Time Warner Cable, by the way.


I can’t believe it! I have to use a fake IP address (VPN) to get to :frowning:


I know if I change my mac address of my router and then reboot the cable modem I will get a new IP from my ISP. Worth a try as it is easy to do.


Thanks. Good idea. I usually use Hola, free VPN plugin for Firefox/Chrome when I need it. It worked with


Doesn’t work for me on my network. I guess it’s a NOTwork. LOL. Works on my cell ok.


I get the impression they are a little paranoid. From their web site:

Send feedback to the hostmaster …

You may use this feedback form to leave a comment here about these web pages.
Your feedback is highly appreciated.
This form may also be used as a last resort, if email to may not work, i.e. if your mail may be rejected because your mailhost is listed on a public anti-spam list (DNSBL). (Sorry if you get caught by this …).
Or you may prefer this form if you don’t trust your mail provider in regards of PRISM or TEMPORA SIGINT scanning.