Vincente Fox visit SLC

Can Vincente Fox’s plane (TP-1 Tail# XC-UJM) be tracked? Pictures of the 757 in SLC

It arrived this afternoon in SLC. Tomorrow SLC to YKM then YKM to BFI.

I couldn’t find it. It’s funny the Chinese President Hu Jintao’s 747 can be tracked all over the US during his recent visit.

Tomorrow you can watch Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire probably between OLM-YKM-BFI in one of the state King Air 200’s N207HB or N120NA

This is a case where the 3 letter code matches a civilian operator. is the flight for the AALTOTUSAPOATRC Fox.*

*If you’re politically correct, don’t read further.

I warned you!

Last chance!

AALTOTUSAPOATRC stands for Anti-American Let’s Take Over The USA President of a Third-Rate Country

Thanks for the info about the flight number. I was not looking to start a political dialogue on this aviation website. Only interested in tracking flights for entertainment purposes.

I know and, believe it or not, I wasn’t either. I’m just in a “it’s only Tuesday and the weekend is still 40 days away” mood.

Additional Mexican Air Force Flights:

Since when has the U.S. been able to keep track of Mexicans? :smiling_imp: Sorry, the devil made me do it!!!

Since when has the U.S. been able to keep track of Mexicans? Twisted Evil Sorry, the devil made me do it!!!

The US has been tracking illegals - they just aren’t doing too much about it.

Duh, MAF is for Mexican Air Force. On the flight it says Mission Aviation Fellowship.

AH-HEM…They are NOT illegal…They are UNDOCUMENTED.


And what did I say in my first posting?

[dripping sarcasm]I’m sorry. These poor people are documentless people who contribute greatly to our economy by doing jobs that Americans won’t do regardless of the wages. I won’t do that again. At least, not until the next time I do it.[/dripping sarcasm]

Vicente Fox was here today and the call sign was “Mexican Air Force One”. Sorry for steering this discussion back to the aviation theme.


I knew the time would come but I didn’t expect it so soon. I guess the good ol’ days are over and we’ll have to have aviation themed postings.

So, to get it back to aviation. Many of the illegals are flown back to Mexico. There, I did it! I turned this back to aviation, however slight the connection is. :stuck_out_tongue: