Mexican Air Force 1


While listening to KBOS ground just now, I heard them talking to “Mexican Air Force 1”. I also see in the news that Mexican President Calderon was in Massachusetts. Anyone know what this plane would be? I see the Mexican air force has a few 737s…




Ah - perhaps I’ve found it. Is it MAF1 - Mission Aviation Fellowship - a 757 that came from Mexico on Feb 10th?


Yup - thanks for confirming what I found. LOL!


Ah - perhaps I’ve found it. Is it MAF1 - Mission Aviation Fellowship - a 757 that came from Mexico on Feb 10th?

So, is it really Mexican AF1, or is it Mission Aviation Fellowship? I’m listening to ORD right now trying to hear it, but it’s a long shot…it’s not nearly as cool if it’s not the president of Mexico…

speaking of…he wouldn’t fly via military routes, or something like that the way our AF1 does? I’m kinda shocked it would come up on here…any assistance?


It’s Mexican Air Force One… It shows up on here as MAF1 which FA links to Missian Aviation Fellowship. They clear the area when they arrive and depart. I would compare it to an Air Force Two operation.

Some visiting dignitaries us US Aircraft and some use their own as in this case. I think SS, FAA et al handle them all the same way.

MAF1 makes somewhat frequent trips to the USA on official and un-official biz. They also cross over enroute to/from Europe a fair amount. I think all the maint. is done in USA (mostly Dallas).


Yeah ive seen it and MAF 2 on here after actually hearing them on ATC up high going back to Mexico from washington a few months ago.


Missionary Aviation Fellowship operates only small single engine aircraft in 3rd world countries.


Hmmm, maybe I am seeing double??? Or do you have a different definition of ONLY small SINGLE engine aircraft … Itemid=182




Or maybe I have a different - and correct - definition of MAF. There are several organizations called MAF throughout the world. They are related to one another. With a few exception, they all operated single engine aircraft. The reference I gave above is the MAF USA.

The one with the actual ICAO code of MAF is Indonesia. As you can see below, the operated only single engine aircraft.

According to the JP Airline Fleets 2007-08, MAF USA operates 5 Cessna 206

Other MAF organizations have the following aircraft

3 Cessna 185
2 Cessna 210
1 Cessna 208

3 Cessna 206
2 Cessna 208

1 Cessna 208

2 Cessna 206

South Africa
2 Cessna 208

Papua New Guinea
10 Cessna 206
1 Giippsland Airvan
4 DHC Twin Otter

2 Partanavia P68
1 Cessna 208

4 Cessna 206

1 Cessna 210
3 Cessna 208
1 Pilatus PC12

Indonesia (this is the MAF that actually has the ICAO code of MAF)
2 Cessna 185
16 Cessna 206
4 Cessna 208

Congo Kinshasa
2 Cessna 206
1 Cessna 210
1 Cessna 208

1 Cessna 208

6 Cessna 206
1 Cessna 210
3 Gippsland Airvan
1 Cessna 402
1 Cessna 208


Based on your opinion or something I can read??? My reference refers to MAF in the same exact words. Notice, I haven’t said incorrect opinion (YET) as I am asking for something from you to provide to show I am not correct.


There are several organizations called MAF throughout the world. They are related to one another. With a few exception[/quote]

, they all operated single engine aircraft.

Had you said the highlighted IN THE FIRST PLACE, I wouldn’t be here.

Then your first response is **wrong **as you didn’t say just any particular MAF. Your first response had ALL MAFs inclusive for SINGLE engine planes and used a link as if ALL MAFS followed US guidelines…

1/2 researched answers by you does not do the people you respond to any justice. Details my friend, details…



No, you would have found something wrong, Allen. And, no you are NOT my friend. For some reason, you have something against me and take any opportunity to rub in your “superior” knowledge about everything.

You also only half (or less) researched or else you would have found out that there are many MAF organizations. You would have also found out that only one of them actually has MAF as the ICAO code.


So, in other words, you have no reference to show I made any incorrect statements and everything you are typing is based on unverifiable opinion.

Where did I say there was only one??? You won’t find that.

Your original post implied that MAF was all in one and you implied that one link covered the entire MAF organization. I actually found out for you there are more then one sector and some sectors actually have multiengine birds and not ONLY single engine planes.

I would suspect on my limited knowledge of MAF, that MAF is like Angel Flight. Many different sectors, but one name, SAME GOAL to help the needy.

Don’t believe me on Angel Flight, read my thread on the Angel flight organization.

Details my friend…



I learned something today, I didn’t know the twin otter was a single engine piston airplane or that Partenavia had removed one of the engines from the P68.


Angel Flight and Mission Aviation Fellowship.

MAF is a ministry that supports other organizations around the world.

MAF is a faith-based, non-profit ministry. Teams of aviation, communications and technology specialists overcome barriers, transform lives, and enable the work of more than 800 organizations around the world.
(from )

The Angel Flight organizations are non-faith based (although I’m sure some of the pilots do have faith in God) that provides free air transportation for people with medical and other compelling needs. (See There are also other web pages for Angel Flight.)

While they may both serve the needy, they go about it in much different ways. MAF relies on donations from the public while Angel Flight depends upon donations from those providing the service. MAF also operates mainly in developing 3rd world country while Angel Flight operates in the USA.

In my original post, taken in context, I was 100% correct. The poster who brought up MAF was listening to KBOS (that’s Boston, I can provide the reference if you need it) ATC. It only makes sense to look up the MAF in the USA because the one in Australia - the reference you gave - wouldn’t apply. Looking up the MAF USA page, it showed only single engine aircraft.

Had the poster been in Australia, I would have referenced the MAF Australia.

A history of MAF can be found at the MAF Denmark site.


Your exact words… (emphasis mine)

In third world countries, multi engine planes are used.

What part of INCORRECT am I missing. I am all ears.

As stated earlier, this is what brought me in this thread and that was the ONLY thing I was questioning in my initial response to you when I said I was seeing double.





In my original post, taken in context[/quote]

, I was 100% correct.

Your exact words… (emphasis mine)

Okay, listen and read closely, my non-friend.
The context: The original poster was listening to BOSTON air traffic control. Boston is in the United States.

My reference, because the poster is in the United States, was MAF USA (The USA means United States of America).

The MAF USA page showed a variety of aircraft operated in a variety of 3rd world countries (that’s developing areas of the world like Lesotho, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and Mississippi). All the aircraft mentioned and, as my research from the JP Airlines Fleet book shows, were single engined aircraft.

Now, you are correct that MAF does have twin engined aircraft. However, none of those are MAF USA or the organization that actually has the official ICAO call sign of MAF.

Furthermore, the original poster was talking about the call sign MAF. As my research shows, the only call sign that is MAF is for MAF Indonesia. Again, that organization only has single engined aircraft.

So whether you go with the call sign MAF or the fact that the person was listening to Boston ATC, I believe my answer was correct. It may not have gone as far as your nit-picking, always-got-to-be-right because I’m-so-perfect-as-you-can-tell-by-my-postings attitude but it was correct.


quote// The MAF USA page showed a variety of aircraft operated in a variety of 3rd world countries (that’s developing areas of the world like Lesotho, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and Mississippi).

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