Looking for Flight Info

I’m looking for some info on this flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/MAF3523

I happened to stumble across that flight today, but as far as I can tell that airline operates only a few small aircraft, and none of them fly to Dallas or Mexico (which this flight is doing). The airplane used on this flight is a Boeing 787-8, but it doesn’t seem like this airline would even have that plane. I found a list of deliveries for the 787 and didn’t find this airline (Aerolíneas Mas) on the list. I also tracked the previous few inbound flights and they all have the same flight number, but look to be test flights or something all starting and ending in Dallas. Maybe I’m missing something, but can anyone shine some light on this flight/airline? I’m a Boeing 787 fan, and was just wondering who this one belongs to.

We’ve seen MAF used by the Mexican Air Force a bit. That flight is XC-MEX, they bought 787 LN6.