President Ford


Any way to track the movement of the 747 that is moving his body from Palm Desert to Washington? I see on CNN they are getting ready to depart…



No flighttracker, but I am getting live ATC… Cool to hear SAM 29000 as he just got handed off to LA Center 128.15…


Is he on an Air Force plane or just a chartered one?


SAM29000 is one of the 89th Air Wing’s special VIP aircraft so, yes, it’s a military aircraft.


Has nothing to do with the topic of flights, but I saw him lying in state today, pretty neat.

I was also standing about 20 feet behind Chris Matthews in line, which was pretty cool. :slight_smile:


His body was brought from Washington DC on a 747 (aircraft 28000 or 29000) the current presidents aircraft the callsign was ??. Wed. AF 2 was a 737 and a gulfstream(SAM ***) also landed here(Grand Rapids)


If President Bush was aboard the aircraft, it was Air Force One. If he wasn’t, its callsign was something else.