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View1090-fa command

Hey guys, I’ve built a portable with only a display - no keyboard - and I’d like to run the view1090-fa command automatically after boot or when possible so I can see it without interaction. How do I go about this?

Please see this post for automatically issueing view1090-fa command at reboot.

Please see this post also:

Here’s a starting point for doing it via a systemd service. This service file is used to start piaware-console-status on tty1 in the PiAware sdcard images; you could use the same technique to start view1090-fa instead.

(Omit the config-ready stuff if you’re not on a piaware sdcard image, that is a target specific to that image)

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Tried it last night but ran into an issue when nothing came up and it got stuck during the boot

I’ll give this a shot, should I just replace “piaware-console-status” with “view1090-fa”?

Update: Now that I really paid full attention and actually had my thinking cap on…it worked just fine! To give it more time, just increase the sleep time right?

Thanks again for your help!

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  1. Right. On my RPi, I first tried sleep time 5 sec, but it did not prove sufficient, so I inreased it to 10 sec which is OK for me. You have to try on your Pi. If 10 sec is not enough increse it to say 15 sec and try again.

  2. Did you try the method suggested by @obj? That is a better method, as it is based on systemd, which provides facility to start, stop, restart, and status.