Include view1090 in piaware image please


Hi there,

I used to use view1090 as part of the original dump1090 git repo to help troubleshoot my dump1090 install. I notice it’s not in the piaware official image.

Is it possible to add it in?



When troubleshooting install, you can run dump1090 in interactive mode - it will display directly the same as view1090 will.

You do not need to run it via init script when troubleshooting, the tests can be done running directly from shell using dump1090 command.


I understand, however view1090 will allow me to view dump1090 data without having to stop & restart dump1090 (or in my case in interactive mode.

view1090 makes it easier to see what data is coming through the dongle.


100% agree :exclamation:


OK I’ve opened an internal ticket to request this feature (33710).


If anyone else is looking for view1090, a buddy of mine pointed out that view1090 is in the makefile for Malcolm Robb’s github repo. So to make this yourself;

cd ~
git clone git://
cd dump1090
make view1090

This will show you a command line view of what the RTL SDR sees. Great for troubleshooting, or if you want a low-res view of the ADS-B data :smiley: